New Fashion Sustainable Cotton: A Brave New World

How can we sustain lives, ideas, visions and resources in today’s modern world, where everything is ever-changing, flowing relentlessly fast, making us all so restless?

Modern world is constantly challenging us to speed up, to keep up; to consume more, to want more… Its tempting nature, chasing us with never-ending desires and promising illusions, makes masses feel restless. The pursuit of happiness and contentment in today’s fast-moving world is only causing discontent and dissatisfaction; making happiness and peace of mind “not sustainable”.

All that is “sustainable” on the other hand is by nature caring and nurturing; restoring and flourishing. A sustainable world, by nature is breathing, feeling, caring and recognizing… A sustainable world is protecting and owning values; not reducing them but cherishing them… A sustainable world is making happiness, contentment, prosperity, peace and growth “sustainable”; not diminishing them but enriching them…

Today’s modern world is craving to restore its heart, soul and truth. Industries are transforming, carrying the responsibility of mindful consumption, to co-create a sustainable world.

“Sustainability” in today’s fast-changing world, is asking for genuine faith and commitment in “transformation”. It is taking powerful hearts that step up and lead the change.

We believe in:
Mindful consumption; not mindless illusions
Making a difference; not indifference
Looking ahead; not overlooking
Constructing; not destructing
Inspiring; not dimming 
Nurturing happiness, gratitude, peace of mind; not tempting…
We believe in caring, nurturing, restoring and flourishing.
We believe in enriching, growing and connecting.
We believe in a brave new world.

We thrive to sustain what’s good, truthful and worthy. We serve to restore earth’s natural richness, which was once depleted and unconsciously consumed… We thrive to transform “consumption” into “consciousness”; to shift what has become unworthy back to being a “true value”.

Enrich Cotton aims to serve among the leading sustainable cotton suppliers of the world, through its thriving supply chain from farm to yarn. It leads the change, to make sustainable cotton “the new standard” of fashion. Enrich Cotton leads the way into “transformation”. It inspires, embraces, nurtures and leads innovations. All for building the brave new world; making it real through new fashioned sustainable cotton. We envision a sustainable world and that is our true commitment, love and passion.

Enrich Cotton
Enriching the World. Enriching the Fashion.