Modern world, fast and restless with endless consumption, is craving to restore its heart, soul and truth. To sustain “true value” in such a fast-changing world, it takes faith and commitment in “transformation”.

As a “conscious pioneer” of the “sustainable new world”, we are writing a new and sustainable story. We place 3 core sustainable values in the heart of our story: Enrichment, Growth and Connection.


As a leading manufacturer and a supplier, we strive to enrich the quality and the value of existing resources; we strive to enhance and nurture them. We aim to enrich the planet, the products and the people; and all that is a part of them. We are here to enrich life, people and experiences; dreams, goals and visions, all constructing a better future, every moment, at every step of the way.


We are here to grow the best-quality sustainable cotton and make it “ the new standard”. We are here to passionately guide all related industries into growth. We are committed to grow awareness, innovation, vision, ideas and new perspectives for our planet, for our products and for the people, for a conscious, prosperous and sustainable future.


We believe in having meaningful connections with all shareholders of the industry, to make “true value” sustainable. We work with full commitment to our sustainable values. We go forward as the pioneers of sustainable ethical fashion, leading the change for a sustainable new world.


To be among the leading sustainable cotton suppliers of the world, through our thriving supply chain from farm to yarn.


To lead the way; for cotton industry to evolve into a conscious business responsible of its impact upon the planet and the people; and for sustainable cotton to become the new standard of fashion…



We nurture earth’s natural richness and bio-diversity for a thriving, sustainable future. We work and serve with full commitment to nurture natural resources; to sustain clean water, clean air, clean food, rich soil and all humanitarian needs, which are precious and of utmost value.


We inspire society and communities to transform fashion; to make “sustainable and ethical fashion” the new standard.


We transform seed and fiber science to lead the way for developing and expanding earth friendly textile.


We embrace humanity’s multi-cultural and identity-rich diversity to spread collaborative prosperity through all communities. We embrace all values, cultures and ways of being within the multi-faceted nature of humanity, without any discrimination.


Our production plant, spreading on a land of 90.000 m2 in total, operates with the industry’s highest quality standards. Our plant designed with cutting-edge technology, is embodied with technological equipment above and beyond the existing standards of the industry.

Our production plant operates with the capacity of processing 500 tons of seed cotton, daily; 15.000 tons of seed cotton, monthly; 6000 tons of fiber cotton, monthly.

We grow the best quality sustainable cotton; aiming to be the “new standard” of cotton, textile and fashion endustries. We sustain our highest quality manufacture, to maintain it as the new standard.

We strive to make this standard “sustainable” for our world and for our future via our unique production plant and our innovative, game-changing steps.


We lead the way; for cotton industry to transform into a conscious business responsible of its impact upon the planet and the people. We take solid steps forward to enable the manufacturing, supply and consumption of highest quality sustainable cotton and make it the standard.

We target extensive usage and consumption of 100% BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) sustainable cotton; leading the change to make it “the new standard” of the industry.

We promise and sustainable world and a sustainable future…